Howard Peritz

Howard Peritz Attorney Profile

Howard Peritz is an attorney with experience as a sole proprietor, insurance industry corporate counsel, managing attorney and a senior associate in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, providing legal services in a myriad of practice areas. Currently, Howard’s practice is of a general nature. This enables him to provide his clients with legal representation in nearly any area of the law they may require.

Attorney Profile representing effective and successful services to clients

For more than 25 years, Howard has demonstrated himself very effective in litigation, arbitration, negotiation and claims revue and has a keen vision for developing and executing successful action plans. His work consistently results in favorable decisions and settlements that greatly benefit his clients. Howard is a proven project manager, team builder and mentor who becomes a valuable advocate of each project or case he undertakes.

Howard Peritz is also an active networker and connector who understands the value of bringing people together.

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